I am a certified, licensed, and insured Massage Therapist.  I attended the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia and received my national certification in 2007.
For me, it is an honor to practice Massage Therapy.  It requires integrity, intuition, and compassion.
Once you contact me, it's all about you.  My goal will be to create an environment that feels safe , non-judgmental, and nurturing for you. 
 My sessions are given in my home in a room that is safe and secure.  The room is bathed in warm, glowing light.  It is equipped with a professional, oversized massage table, clean linens, and soothing music which enhances the relaxing atmosphere.
I believe that life is too short to feel bad. A massage is about letting go.  Listen to your body's voice.  Forget your problems for a little while.  
Together we will embark on a journey to discover the perfect you and the journey will be as unique as you are.
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Certified,  Licensed,  Insured 

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